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Business areas

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New product services
Technical Agreement
Supply management after signing new product development technology contracts for automotive coils, ship class steel plates, various pipelines, rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum products, etc.
Provide new product development services for fire safety pipelines, quick connect gas pipelines, steel pipes, steel profiles, stainless steel, aluminum pipes, aluminum coils, aluminum rod materials, and more.
Project bidding/sales
Marketing services
Provide various services such as product recommendations, procurement/agency sales, and post event management.
Petrochemical, EPC Construction Company, Shipbuilding Equipment, Building Construction, etc
Pipe & tube inventory sales
Quotation sales service
Inventory sales of carbon steel, alloy steel, mechanical structural steel, alloy steel ring joints, pipe joints, flanges, section steel, coils, steel plates, square pipe diagrams, gold-plated pipes, aluminum pipes, etc.
Third party wholesale companies, trading companies, quotation submission, product sales agents, promotion of Xiangsheng Development cooperation projects, procurement agents, marketing in South Korea, China, Japan, and Germany.