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OCTG (Oil country tube goods) is a high-strength steel pipe used for crude oil and natural gas production, which has excellent corrosion resistance, internal stress, and corrosion cracking resistance. The OCTG products of Japanese steel are used as core components in onshore and overseas oil drilling sites in the Americas, Middle East, and other regions.

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Established in 2004

Pipe & tubes

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for quality seamless pipes and tubes
- Stainless steel & Nickel alloys

-Carbon Seamless tube and Alloy tubes

PRODUCTS: Seamless tube、OCTG Tube、Boiler tube、Mechanical pipes、Alloy pipes、 Structural pipes、 Drilling pipes、 Nuclear power pipes、Oil and gas transmission pipelines.

Welded Pipe

Seamless tube

Nickel Alloy Steel

Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, cold-drawn seamless steel pipe, cold-rolled precision pipe, alloy mechanical pipe, stainless steel pipe, gas cylinder pipe, hydraulic cylinder Honing tube etc.

High-frequency welded pipe, spiral welded pipe JCOE welded pipe, LSAW welded pipe, UOE welded pipe, hot-dip galvanized pipe, 3PLE internal and external anti-corrosion treatment.

Steel structure, carbon steel and alloy steel plate, hot-rolled pickling coil for automobile, stainless steel plate, H-Beam, deformed steel, round steel, Seamless tube Round Billet , Square billet, etc

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Sustainable developement strategy

Sustainable development strategy
Based on customer needs, establish a sustainable supply chain for stable development. Currently, the environmental costs of global customers and end-users in the supply chain far exceed their own operating costs. Green supply chains have the potential to improve efficiency, reduce resource use and costs, increase opportunities to enter new markets, and enhance the ability to withstand economic shocks.
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A globally trusted partner in the oil and gas field, with business covering surface engineering of oil and gas fields, gas processing and LNG engineering, and distributed energy.

Provide metal material solutions

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Provide integrated material procurement solutions for global oil and gas field surface engineering construction

Business coverage

-Oil, oilfield projects

-Chemical plant

-Nuclear power plants

-Automotive parts industry

-Engineering machinery industry




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